The Last of the Amelia Build Series

Hello everyone! As you all know we sold Amelia shortly after we completed her eight month long build. We wanted to pass along the final videos in the build series as well as her final tour, and a full explanation for why we sold her.

The Last of the Interior Work

The Interior Tour

Why We Sold Her

We are sorry that it took us so long to complete this series, and come out with this video explaining what happened. Now that it’s out there I think we needed the time to process the loss and feelings of defeat after giving up Amelia so we could speak intelligibly and with dry eyes about the details. We appreciate each and everyone of you for being there and offering the kind words of encouragement when we needed them most. We hope that we will continue to make you proud as we move forward and turn this experience into a life lesson and take on bigger and better things.

All our love!

MAK & Owen