Painting Amelia: Video

Hey friends!


MAK here! Sorry for the radio silence over the past few weeks. We were busy traveling to see family, enjoying the holidays, a fishing trip, and prepping for a wedding in upstate Michigan next week! We'll have more on all of that later. We took a break from the built to really focus on the holidays and all the festivities, but we'll be getting back to work on Amelia shortly as the weather clears up here in Florida. In the mean time, we wanted to share with you a video that we made that takes you through the whole painting process! I'll also be adding it to the previous blog post that covers painting so all of that information living in one place if you ever need to return to it!

We're also putting together a Q&A video that covers our build. If you bring the Q's we'll bring the A's! So please send us any questions you may have either in the comment section of this blog post, the comment section for the video on YouTube, or through our contact submission form here on our website! We're excited to share any and all knowledge we have learned from this build so far! Lot of exclamation points in this points in this, for which I'm sorry. Sometimes I just have a hard time containing my excitement! So thank you for your questions in advance!

Love, MAK