Amelia Update & Other Things Too


Hey Friends! I hope that this post finds you all well! We just wanted to pass along an update on how things are going with the build and other exciting things that we have in the works!

Let's start with our dear Amelia. Though we've been done with our interior build for a few weeks now, we've been sourcing some parts for a long overdue rear axle swap and disc brake conversion...we'll get into the nitty gritty details a little later in a blog post. She's finally in the shop getting the work done between relentless rain storms that have moved into the area and parked their soggy a$$es over the state of Florida. Though the axle swap process has taken FAR longer than we thought (as the entire build has) we feel really good about the work that's getting done!

While we've been waiting for Amelia's parts to come in we took a quick trip down to Owen's parents in south Florida. We got to visit with our vanlife averse fur baby, Luna, who is pictured above. It was grand, and she still couldn't be talked into living with us in Amelia despite all of our new amenities!  

I also wanted to mention that we're working on a final blog post covering the last three weeks of our interior build! So keep your eye's peeled for that lil gem.


In all of our new found free time I, MAK, have been able to make some serious progress on a side project that I've long dreamt of getting off the ground! You guessed it, a podcast! I've made a little preview so you can get to know what the podcast and season one will be covering, instead of you reading my explanation, I figured you could just listen to me explain it!

I've toyed with the idea of starting a podcast for well over a year now, and I'm very excited to finally commit to the idea, learning a new skill, and making the dream a reality. A podcast feels like the best way to capture what has become our favorite part of our travels: the people and their stories! I look forward to getting the podcast live in the next few weeks! The podcast will live here on our website over on it's own page. Bound for Nowhere - The Podcast

A few weeks back Owen and I were asked to put together a driving playlist for Go Van. When we got started on making the playlist we didn't really have a creative objective. Before long we realized that we actually made a playlist that is the story of our relationship. Every song has meaning to us and marks a phase in our relationship. So if you like driving playlists and you are interested to hear a little piece of our hearts at the same it is!


Please send over your thoughts if you like the playlist and if you're interested in us making them in the future. It was fun to make, and it's always nice to have something fun to drive to so maybe we'll have to do this again sometime!

Side note: Go Van is a great online resource for those who are on the road or interested in going on the road, they have podcasts, playlists, van tours, and other great things that might help you out along the way! 

I bet you all thought we forgot we had a YouTube channel! Alas, we haven't! While making the final push to get Amelia done we put everything else on hold. We're picking up where we left off in the "video version" of our build with part six that covers Raptor lining our fenders and other accessories, roof rack system, awning, and getting our stripes removed and reapplied! We'll be releasing these videos on a more regular basis now that we have more free time and will let you know as they get released! We only have one more video that will be covering the exterior build then we'll be focusing on the interior. Kinda want to hurry through so we can get to the fun stuff...the FINISHED INTERIOR TOUR!!!

Alright friends, that's it from us for now!