Radio Curious NPR Interview


Hello friends!

We hope that you all had a great weekend! About a month ago, we were camped out in Lone Pine, California when a good looking Adventure Wagon Vanagon pulled into the spot next to us. Naturally, we needed to go over and say hi! The owner of the van, named Desert Rose, is Barry Vogel. He’s a civil rights lawyer with a long time "radio habit". This radio habit goes by the name Radio Curious, an NPR show based out of Ukiah, California.

After some light conversation he asked if we would be interested in sitting down with him for an interview the next morning. Both Owen and I are huge fans of public radio, and were happy to accept! The next morning Stanley (our van) served as the mobile sound studio for the following interview! Enjoy as we dive into detail what our work life looks like from our van...and some other fun things, too! Barry, it was an absolute pleasure, and we look forward to circling the wagons with you again soon!

You can find all of Radio Curious' great episodes on their website here. Enjoy!