Our New Home On Wheels

Allow us to introduce our new home! She is a 1985 Toyota Sunrader 4x4. There were only 28 4x4s ever made and we somehow got lucky enough to have one. We found her on a Toyota forum for sale in Bozeman, Montana. Here are some of the stats:

  • 90k miles
  • 22R engine
  • Expanded 26 gallon gas tank
  • Only 2 previous owners
  • Dually in the rear
  • Sleeps 4 very comfortably
  • Refrigerator 
  • 4 burner stove
  • Oven
  • Bathroom complete with shower, toilet, and medicine cabinet
  • Large back table with wrap around windows
  • Locking hubs
  • 2 skylights
  • Cab AC
  • Sink with grey water tank
  • Rear Ladder
  • 2 full sized propane tanks
  • Interior Furnace
  • Roof Bars

There is much more, but I will not bore you with the details. 

The Sunrader & Stanley

The Sunrader & Stanley


The current plan is...we have no plan. Actually, we are wanting to take a little bit of time to live on the road in the Sunrader "as is" so we can get to know the space. We figure that if we use it the way it is we'll quickly learn how we use the space and what needs to change to make the space perfect for our needs. Even though we are not getting straight to work on the buildout we are really excited for all the possibilities this kind of space allows for! 

Our initial impressions are that it has a lot of carpet...like...everywhere. The floors, the walls, the front of the refrigerator, and the ceiling in the cab all are covered in carpet. Though our plans are not clear for the interior, you better believe that when we are done most, if not all of the carpet will be removed. We also are feeling like we will pull the bathroom out. You are probably sitting there thinking that we are crazy, but hear me out. We have gone a year and a half without a bathroom onboard. It is not something that we miss having either. We are wanting to try to have less stored on the outside of the vehicle this go around, so we see the bathroom as a great area of opportunity. That space is more than enough to store all our recreational equipment that has previously been stored in our Yakima Skybox. Other than all of that, we are going to let the Sunrader tell us what needs to happen!

We are wanting to head back towards family a little early, around Thanksgiving, so we can have time on the road in the Sunrader and get to work on the build before the holiday season gets into full swing. Our hope is to do the build and be back on the road by the end of January so we can head back into Baja for some surf in February! That is the "plan" as it stands, but only time will tell how closely we stick to it! Either way, we are really excited to share the whole build process with you guys. We think it is going to be pretty fun!

The Interior