Lessons From 1 Month on the Road

Here are a few things that we have learned after being on the road for about a month. Give or take a day or two.

  1. Watch you head...there is something to hit your head on everywhere
  2. We could be 100% better at food planning. Going to the grocery store everyday is THE WORST
  3. We need cooler weather then we thought we did. No AC has left us sweaty very sweaty
  4. You feel like a stoop kid when you live in a van
  5. Where are your dirty clothes going to go?!
  6. Showers...how are we gunna get them? When it is this hot and you are sweating this much, they are pretty much a necessity.
  7. We have to work together to make the space work
  8. The passenger needs a neck pillow
  9. Working in the back of the van while in flight will make you feel like you have been on a boat all day
  10. We are absolutely in love with our life on the road, no matter the challenges it is all worth it!


There is always more to learn, and we are so stoked to learn the easy and hard lessons that the road has to offer!